Join the diversity of food system actors working to future-proof food systems

The FIT4FOOD2030 project is slowly coming to an end. It has set a good foundation for food system as well as research & innovation (R&I) transformation. One of the crucial prerequisites for ensuring future-proof food systems is good communication between different stakeholders. Sustainable Food Systems Network is a virtual platform that enables exactly that!

Initially, the FOOD 2030 Platform was created to mobilise a wide variety of food system related stakeholders at the level of cities, regions, countries, and Europe. It helped to decide research priorities for a sustainable food system. Now, FOOD 2030 Platform has evolved into Sustainable Food Systems Network (SFSN).

SFSN is a virtual community open to anyone who wants to be up-to-date with activities aimed at creating resilient and sustainable food systems with well-integrated responsible research and innovation practices. It is a place that connects policy makers, business professionals, civil society organisations, researchers, students, NGO/non-profit, and funding bodies all over the world.

The main characteristics of the Sustainable Food Systems Network are its multi-disciplinary approach to food systems and R&I transformation, active interaction between its members, and an open discussion, both publicly and privately through comments and messages.

The Sustainable Food Systems Network invites its members to share events, articles, files, job opportunities, and more regarding topics such as:

  • local food production,
  • research and innovation,
  • local or national food-related policies,
  • healthy and sustainable diets,
  • impact of food production on the climate,
  • food waste.

SFSN enables you to:

  • create and comment on discussion posts and polls,
  • get in touch with any of the members through private messages,
  • attach files to your posts, polls, and comments,
  • share events and new job opportunities.

You can register to the Sustainable Food Systems Network by filling out a simple registration form. You can access the Network either through your internet browser or by downloading the Mobilize app on your smartphone. If you register with an e-mail address that is connected to your social media account, you can link your SFSN profile with social media, such as LinkedIn, which can increase the visibility of your LinkedIn profile as well.

Finally, Sustainable Food Systems Network will play a key role in the period before the FIT4FOOD2030 final conference (24th and 25th of November 2020). It will be a place for pre-conference networking, polling, and asking questions.

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