Bravo! Schools, Sustainable Greece 2020

Εllinogermaniki Αgogi, host of FIT4FOOD2030 City Lab in Athens, participated in the Panhellenic School Competition “Bravo! Schools, Sustainable Greece 2020” with the submission of a proposal titled “The open school as a food production lab” based on the “Eat It, Don’t skip it!” educational module developed during the FIT4FOOD2030 project.

This educational module encourages high school students to address a societal challenge from the food and nutrition security perspective by setting up a social enterprise in collaboration with external stakeholders. Activities are carried out as part of a weekly after-school club and the objective was the development of a product (and a related business plan) that tackles the challenge. In their groups, students take on roles found in a real-life enterprise, developing a range of skills for the future.

Students present their grEAT boxes to the public at Athens Mall, 2019. 

The submission was under the category of “Best practices” linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth. The educational best practice also relates closely to Goal 12 Responsible consumption & production and Goal 4 Quality Education. This opportunity also meant that students were introduced to the 17 Global Goals, approaching with sensitivity issues that concern us all, and became Global Goal Ambassadors.

The competition met with great success and the turnout exceeded all expectations with 294 schools, 738 educational initiatives and more than 27,000 active citizens participating in the open public voting arrange in the 130 countries of the UN’s international network ‘The World’s Largest Lesson’.  Practices submitted in Greece can be explored on the Bravo! Schools website (in Greek).

This year posed a challenge for the organisers and the Award Ceremony took place online: ‘Active citizens of tomorrow present their proposals for creating a better world!’. By joining Bravo Schools 2020, Εllinogermaniki Αgogi and the City Lab Athens became part of a global network of schools – they proudly received their ‘SDGs schools club in action’ badge from the organisers.

Participation certificate and badge as a ‘SDGs Schools Club in action’

Adapting to COVID-19

During the Covid-19 lockdown period, Εllinogermaniki Αgogi had the opportunity to revisit the topics tackled by their FIT4FOOD2030 educational module on Food Waste, previously piloted with secondary school students during the curriculum courses of Civic, Social and Political Education and Home Economics. Students had the chance to continue working at home on individual projects related to Food Waste and “Foods with Hidden Sugar”. A high percentage of students selected to work on these topics and later presented their projects either online or in class when the school opened again following the necessary restrictions.

Collage of student presentations on the topic of food waste