Here you will find all videos that have been created during the FIT4FOOD2030 project, which may be used for communication and dissemination, or training purposes (as part of a tool for transformation exercise). All videos can also be found on the Tools for Transformation page, with information about their content, use, target audience, and more.


Videos will be uploaded.


Video explaining what FIT4FOOD2030 City Labs are about
Setting direction for food system transformation | John Bell
Local food policy as a key element for a better future for the planet | Ossi Martikainen
The impact of healthy, sustainable diets on global economies and living conditions | Luca Jahier
The importance of women in leadership roles throughout the food system | Corinna Hawkes
Prof. Margaret Gill shares a Scottish agri-food innovation
Shaping the debate on food systems’ reform with Dr. Sébastien Treyer
Dr. Sébastien Treyer on how negotiations could help shape food systems
Dr. Stef Bronzwaer on safe food systems
Dr. Stef Bronzwaer on interdisciplinary food systems


FIT4FOOD2030: How to involve farmers to work on challenges of the food system
FIT4FOOD2030: System Thinking, System Innovation and System Transformation