The FIT4FOOD2030 project highlights the importance of research and innovation (R&I) in supporting food systems transformation and resilience for future challenges. R&I breakthroughs have the potential to change and future-proof the entire food system. As such, FIT4FOOD2030 set out to identify and describe potential R&I breakthroughs in the field of food and nutrition security.

The list of identified R&I breakthroughs is now live on the FIT4FOOD2030 website and is titled the Inventory of R&I breakthroughs related to food systems. On this interactive platform, users can download an overview of the breakthroughs as well as search through the identified R&I breakthroughs by:

  • the breakthrough domain:
    • The new approach to primary food production and distribution,
    • An engaged and healthy consumer,
    • The tools for a future proof food system,
    • A sustainable and dynamic value-based food system.
  • FOOD 2030 area:
    • Nutrition,
    • Climate,
    • Innovation,
    • Circularity.

Each R&I breakthrough provides additional information about the opportunities and challenges for their implementation in food systems.

The FIT4FOOD2030 project defines R&I breakthroughs as potential, significant achievements that can create big impacts on current initiatives in the field of food and nutrition security and lead to radical changes in the food system, making it more sustainable and resilient. R&I breakthroughs serve as a foundation for informed and responsible choices related to food systems. Apart from breakthroughs, trends and showcases that have the potential to transform food systems have also been explored throughout the FIT4FOOD2030 project.