The Hungarian Policy Lab is coordinated by the Research Institute of Agricultural Economics (AKI), which is the leader in the field of Hungarian food economy research, and the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture (NAK), that provides representation of all actors in the Hungarian food chain (farmers, food industrial companies, input providers, traders).

On 12 September 2018 the first workshop was organized with relevant actors in the Hungarian food system in order to gather more detailed knowledge of the current situation, challenges and prospects. The results have shown that the Hungarian system – due to national and international impacts – faces complex challenges in the future. The Hungarian food system is based on conventions traditions and lacks cooperation among sectorial players. In addition, the whole system is characterized by a limited flow of information and knowledge and a low-level exploitation of the Research, Development & Innovation (RDI) opportunities.

Policy Lab Coordinators

Dr Viktória Szűcs

Head Expert of Food Industry, Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture

Dr Gyula Dudas

Head of Food Chain Research Department, Research Institute of Agricultural Economics