The Hungarian Policy and City Labs have jointly written an article in the Journal of Food investigation (in Hungarian and English), presenting the urgent need for a food system transformation at national, European level and international level. It lays out the foundations of a food system approach and describes the importance of responsible research and innovation (RRI) to achieve the transition of our food system. The focus of this first article – which is the first in a series of articles – lies in the theoretical background of the Labs:

In order to meet the increasing food demand resulting from demographic growth worldwide, the application of different sustainable solutions becomes indispensable to maintain an adequate food supply. Social and environmental changes pose a major challenge for the complex food supply system, which is composed of numerous and diverse stakeholders who all interact with each other. In order to overcome these obstacles and to ensure the resilience of the food supply system, it is essential to understand the current situation and to be able to forecast future situations. It is also necessary to examine the possible effects of the proposed solutions. RRI is one way to achieve before mentioned goals, as research becomes responsibility-driven, carefully examining the impact of research and innovation on society, individuals and the natural environment. It is with these ideas in mind that the article published by the Hungarian Labs reviews the challenges of the food supply system and the directions for its sustainable transformation.

Through the FIT4FOOD2030 project, the Hungarian Policy and City Labs contribute with all other EU Labs to the European FOOD 2030 strategic framework.