The EU Think Tank (as part of the FIT4FOOD2030 Coordination and Support Action) strongly supports the development of the Farm to Fork Strategy as a key component of the European Green Deal, recognizing the need to transform the food system as a whole. This policy brief calls for innovative approaches to the Farm to Fork Strategy to provide practical answers to two central questions: i) how can a shift towards healthier and more sustainable diets be facilitated?; and ii) how can all actors in the food system be empowered to adopt more sustainable practices?

Answers to these questions raise the need for new trans-disciplinary, multi-actor and participatory Research and Innovation (R&I) approaches that enable citizens, farmers, fishers, food processors, distributors, retailers and consumers to contribute to more coherent, cross policy-sector food initiatives that leverage on European food systems to deliver a balance of public goods (including food security and environmental integrity).