Recommendations from the EC FOOD 2030 Independent Expert Group

The food system, as it is today, is not fit for the future. The way food is produced and consumed is neither sustainable nor healthy, and we are insufficiently prepared for the changing climate, the increasing and ageing population, urbanisation, and the depletion of natural resources.

Addressing this global challenge needs a multidisciplinary and food systems approach, considering not only agriculture and consumption patterns, but also other players in the food system, like retailers, food processor and technology providers but also cities and financial institutions that can make a difference.

The European Commission’s DG RTD has asked a group of independent experts to come up with recommendations for a Research, Innovation and Investment Strategy in line with the Commission’s FOOD 2030 initiative.

These recommendations are divided 3 missions – healthy & sustainable diets, a resource-smart food system, and trust and inclusive governance for a resilient food system – which are subcategorised in 17 focus areas, all described in detail in the report.

Guiding the way forward, the experts have provided specific recommendations for all actors/stakeholders in the food chain, from the policy maker all the way to the consumer, who is advised – besides making healthy and more sustainable food choices – to engage in innovative projects to support the transition of the food system (such as FIT4FOOD2030).

Access the full report entitled “Recipe for change – An agenda for a climate-smart and sustainable food system for a healthy Europe: Report of the FOOD 2030 Expert Group