This is your opportunity to make your voice heard!

For the European food system to be future-proof by 2030, significant changes have to be made to the whole value chain from agricultural and aquaculture production, to processing and packaging, to retail and consumption, to how to deal with food waste. Research and innovation (R&I) is expected to play a role in supporting the transformation that is needed to achieve a sustainable, fair, resource-efficient, circular and climate-supportive food system and that has a positive impact on the health of European citizens. In order to understand where research and innovation efforts are needed, the European project FIT4FOOD2030 aims to understand R&I trends, showcases and potential breakthroughs that have happened and are happening, and that have the potential to support or hinder the transformation of the European food system.

What we would like to know from you is: what do you think are R&I trends, showcases and potential breakthroughs that have had or have the potential to bring about significant change in the European food system?

Your contribution to the FIT4FOOD2030 survey will be very welcome and well-used, since the outcomes of this questionnaire will feed stakeholder meetings with people that are part of the European food system. These stakeholder meetings will be used as a base to inform policy decisions by the European Commission on how to invest in research and innovation for a future-proof European food system.

If you wish to be kept informed about other opportunities to engage with the project members, please leave your email at the end of the survey or register on for project updates and/or the FOOD 2030 Platform for stakeholders.

Please find the survey here. Deadline for submitting information: 30 June 2018.