The Core group of the Romanian Research & Innovation (R&I) Policy Lab consists of the Ministry of Research and Innovation, the Romanian Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, the National Research and Development Institute for Food Bioresources (IBA Bucharest) and the National Technology Platform Food for Life.

The aim of the Romanian Policy Lab is to bring together foodchain stakeholders to not only to support policies in the Food and Nutrition area, but to work together in building on future-proof European food systems.

In Romania 2 workshops were already organized in 2018 and the third one is in preparation:

  • First one (May 18, 2018) with policy makers in science, agriculture and health;
  • The second one (October 11, 2018) with stakeholders, especially from the food industry;
  • The third one (2019) will bring together representatives from other domains like the health domain.

Policy Lab Coordinators

Denisa Duta

Associate Member, Romanian Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences

Viorel Vulturescu

Ministry of Research and Innovation