The Norwegian Policy Lab is organised by the Research Council of Norway (RCN) and has chosen the topic of food and health. In line with the FIT4FOOD2030 project, the approach is comprehensive and takes the whole food system into consideration. The Norwegian Policy Lab will work on the continuation of the good work on food and health that has already been going on in Norway for some time. The overall objective is to improve R&I policies for food and health. Envisioned outcomes will be policy briefs, methodologies and new R&I instruments, in addition to network building.

Several stakeholders have been identified for our Policy Lab meetings. It is important to engage stakeholders from the research communities as well as from industry, citizens/consumers, policy and the civil society. The Norwegian society is relatively small and transparent, and RCN is well positioned as node in the food system. There are other actors in Norway that work on food and health. It is an objective to establish connections with these actors and thereby reach synergies through common network building.

Policy Lab Coordinators

Linda K. Markussen

Advisor, The Research Council of Norway

Trond Einar Pedersen

Special Advisor, The Research Council of Norway