The main aim of the Italian Policy Lab is to strengthen and/or create relations among all relevant actors involved in Research & Innovation (R&I) in the agri-food sector and to develop a common and shared concept of food systems at national level. To achieve this objective, given the high number of national and regional actors involved in agri-food R&I, the activity of the Policy Lab will initially focus on identifying challenges and needs of different target groups. This will be the basis to develop a common and shared definition of national food systems. This will allow us to gather actors who are not usually working together or sharing information and to set the scene to create stronger networks. The activities of the Policy Lab will be adjusted based on the results of this first phase of work.

Policy Lab Coordinators

Silvia Baralla

Policy Officer, Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Forestry and Tourism, MIPAAFT

Mara Lai

Researcher and Policy Analyst, National Council for Agricultural Research and Economics, Department of Policy and Bioeconomy