Project Description

The Institute of Food and Health at University College Dublin (UCD) brings together UCD staff with active research programmes in the area of Food and Health into one centre of excellence. It is a multidisciplinary, campus‐wide initiative, where Principal Investigators (faculty) and their teams focus efforts across four research thematic areas: Food Quality and Processing, Food Safety, Nutrition and Health and Food Chain Sustainability. Since its inception in 2008, the institute has firmly established itself as a leading player in Ireland for Food and Health research and has continued to build its international reputation. Central to the Institute’s philosophy is the translation of its research for commercial, economic and societal impact. Utilising its scientific evidence as the basis for food and health policy is also a key objective of the Institute.

UCD will partner with other organisations based in Dublin in order to facilitate the delivery of the broad FIT4FOOD2030 vision and deliver a framework to “Fostering Integration and Transformation for Food 2030”. Key partners in the Food Lab include the Science Gallery Dublin, Teagasc, Dublin City University (DCU), Trinity College Dublin (TCD), Technical University Dublin (TU Dublin), the UCD institute of Food and Health (UCD IFH), Food for Health Ireland (FHI) and the Dublin City Council. This consortium will create a multi-disciplinary team to delivery workshops and outreach activities for FIT4FOOD2030.

Contacts: Lorraine Brennan, | Nessa