Project Description

Thinktank is Birmingham’s award‐winning science museum. It is run by Birmingham Museums Trust (BMT), an educational charity with a mission to showcase outstanding collections and venues and to inspire learning, creativity and enjoyment for citizens of Birmingham and visitors to the region. Welcoming annually over 250,000 visitors, Thinktank proposes four floors of hands‐on exhibits and science and industrial collection displays, providing a unique, informal and fun environment where visitors of all ages experience and learn about science, how science is used in everyday life, and how scientific developments change the way we live. Moreover, a dedicated learning and access team delivers a range of school sessions onsite and on outreach including workshops, science shows, handling sessions and planetarium experiences. Its public, family-oriented programme includes science shows and Meet the Expert sessions, special events such as sleepovers, community open weekends and brownie and guides take‐over days on site, and a range of outreach events at local festivals and larger science events around the country.

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