Project Description

The Living Lab for Health at IrsiCaixa facilitates the engagement of different stakeholders in initiatives aimed at health promotion and transformative change of the R&I system to make it more open and inclusive and to better respond to the complex societal challenges we face today. They are invited to engage in the R&I process at different phases of the value chain, such as in the development of R&I Agendas, and during the R&I processes. The processes follow methodologies aligned with Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) criteria, promoted within H2020. The team of the Living Lab has participated in a wide variety of EC funded projects such as: RRI ToolsEnRRICH, InPIRES, CRISH and Xplore Health, among others and they have offered training on RRI to more than 3,000 researchers and innovators.

Traning on RRI, development of education materials, set up and promote a CitiLab in Barcelona where RRI methodologies will be implemented.