Project Description

IFZ – Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Technology, Work and Culture – is a private, non-profit research institute. Working within the critical areas of debate between science, society and policy, reflection and intervention, the prime objective of IFZ is to contribute to socially and environmentally sound, and gender-equitable technology design and sustainable development. The centre has extensive track record in stakeholder engagement and participatory and trans-disciplinary approaches in a broad range of themes: sustainable food systems, ecological product policy, women-technology-environment and energy and climate. Its research unit ‘Food Systems’ is investigating innovative agricultural networks and sustainable food systems using multi-actor approaches and genuine transdisciplinary work in close co-operations with non-research actors from practice/the business sector and policy/administration. IFZ is also a member of the Austrian platform for Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and currently involved in the implementation and institutionalisation of RRI within the Austrian research landscape. The FIT4FOOD2030 Food Lab activities will be carried out by a new RRI unit established in 2018. It will be building upon a pilot ‘transition experiment’, where IFZ guided a group of local actors from the quadruple helix in elaborating project ideas for a more sustainable and socially just food system in the city of Graz.

Contact: Sandra Karner,