Project Description

Fondazione Edmund Mach (FEM) is an institution active in research, education and technology transfer in agriculture, food and environment sectors. Situated in a rural setting in the Alps on a 14 ha campus including research laboratories, greenhouses, classrooms and offices, with access to 120 ha cultivated land, 80 ha of forest, and a production scale winery, brewery and distillery, FEM employs around 700 people and trains 900 high school students and 6.000 farmers and practitioners per year. FEM promotes and enhances, through R&I, the Trentino-land based economy, aiming at the improvement of mountain agriculture, forestry production and quality and nutritional value of local food products. It also supports the management of the region’s natural resources through the development and promotion of low-impact agricultural practices, and innovation in the study and preservation of genetic and species biodiversity in alpine and subalpine ecosystems. FEM encourages and supports a closer cooperation with stakeholders and citizens, including through the organization of several public engagement initiatives.

Contact: Lisa Rizzetto,

Twitter: @Fondazione_Mach

Facebook: @fondazionemach



Building a stakeholder workshop Getting started with an internal meeting of our taskforce FEM, the host of the Food Lab Trentino, met internally to exchange visions and launch a series of reflections with local stakeholders about whether the efforts ongoing in the local R&I ecosystem are addressing, and working in synergy, with the transformative visions of key players in European food systems Read more December 2019 and February 2020 The contribution of Trentino region to EU Research and Innovation activity for a future-proof and sustainable food system Engaging food system stakeholder to discuss food system transformation, local best practices and R&I priorities This workshop saw the participation of almost 60 stakeholders of the local food system to identify current and future research and innovation actions for transforming food system and to promote synergies and alignment for greater mutual benefit between actions taken at the EU and local levels. Read more View more 13 February 2020 A graphic novel on the importance of consuming fruit and vegetables Mr. Mirtillus, a small but very brave blueberry, is a metaphor for conveying activities in educating the new generation on healthy and sustainable diets, raising awareness among conscious citizens and consumers of tomorrow. To bring young people closer to the research carried out in FEM on nutrition, creating awareness in the importance of adopting healthy diet and healthy lifestyles, the story “The Great Vitaminic Journey” has been designed. The initiative stems from the E-STaR project with the funding of Autonomous Province of Trento. View more March 2020 Building synergies for a sustainable future-proof food system: the Nutrire Trento project Farmers and families lay foundations for a sustainable future together during the Coronavirus crisis This pilot case of the project Saturn, coordinated by the host of the City Lab Trentino, FEM, did not stop working during the COVID-19 emergency. It continued to identify ideas and solutions to improve the quality of the food for the city, providing healthy food that adequately remunerates all actors of food system. View more May-October 2020 FoodLab Trentino "on a Journey" Connecting with early stage researchers Food Lab Trentino presented its experience in the FOOD2030 platform in the EIT-Climate KIC funded "Together4Climate" Journey - no better moment to empower early stage researchers to adopt FIT4FOOD2030 ‘systemic approach’ when tackling food and nutrition and climate change challenges Read more 24 July 2020 Save it for Good! Building synergies for a sustainable future-proof food system: EAT cicular project FEM, the host of the Food Lab Trentino, as partner of the EIT Climate KIC sponsored EAT circular project collaborate with the other partners in piloting an education action to help in orientating among rules, tools, opportunities and barriers about food loss and waste management and their prevention Read more View more September - October 2020 Can we change the destiny of a strawberry (and of the food system)? Piloting a a hybrid educational module around the circular economy of food Food Lab Trentino adopted the FIT4FOOD2030 "systemic approach" in its implementation of several FIT4FOOD2030 educational modules Read more View more 6 to 20 November 2020 Food Lab Trentino: what's next? Going forward to create new opportunities Food Lab Trentino will Integrate the outputs from the work carried on in 2020 in future actions connected with project running in Trentino connected with transforming food systems. The list of attendees of the overall series of activities will be used to circulate information about these incoming opportunities and projects 2021