Project Description

Fondazione Edmund Mach (FEM) is an institution active in research, education and technology transfer in agriculture, food and environment sectors. Situated in a rural setting in the Alps on a 14 ha campus including research laboratories, greenhouses, classrooms and offices, with access to 120 ha cultivated land, 80 ha of forest, and a production scale winery, brewery and distillery, FEM employs around 700 people and trains 900 high school students and 6.000 farmers and practitioners per year. FEM promotes and enhances, through R&I, the Trentino-land based economy, aiming at the improvement of mountain agriculture, forestry production and quality and nutritional value of local food products. It also supports the management of the region’s natural resources through the development and promotion of low-impact agricultural practices, and innovation in the study and preservation of genetic and species biodiversity in alpine and subalpine ecosystems. FEM encourages and supports a closer cooperation with stakeholders and citizens, including through the organization of several public engagement initiatives.

Contact: Lisa Rizzetto,

Twitter: @Fondazione_Mach

Facebook: @fondazionemach