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Ellinogermaniki Agogi (EA) is a private educational organization comprising of 2.500 students, 235 teaching staff and 330 administration staff. Its participation, either as coordinator or as partner, in more than 120 national and international collaborative research projects and networks, has established EA as a leading pioneer in innovative approaches to school education, especially in the fields of science and new technologies in education. In addition, EA has also a very strong experience in extending the dialogue between scientific and the educational community, enforcing the collaboration between schools and research organizations, centers and museums, and helping young people to acquire a better understanding of the role of science in society.


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Defining the lab vision and trajectory In synergy with the European Commission’s initiative on Open Schooling, City Labs Athens pursued the transformation of the lab host – a school with over 2000 students – towards an open ecosystem where knowledge is made part of students’ lives via projects responding to societal needs and in connection with real-life stakeholders. Understanding the local food system - visions, showcases and breakthroughs Three workshops held locally brought stakeholder together to develop a vision of the future of the food system and build up knowledge about showcases and breakthroughs - both local and intrernational. Regarding future pathways to impact for the Lab, collaboration was stressed, and a combination of policy-driven and locally-sourced approaches was considered necessary in achieving change. Various locations in Pallini; June - December 2018 Visioning with teachers from across Europe A five-days teachers training course (summer school) “School Gardens 2018” that took place as a collaboration of EA with the Institute of Educational Policy, under the Ministry of Education Greece was a great opportunity to capturing teachers’ particular visions about the food system. Crete; 22-27 June 2018 Bringing everything together Two new resources produced Innovative educational formats, developed by teachers and the school's Research & Development Department with the input and collaboration of different stakeholders, were at the heart of this process; notably, a multi-disciplinary project for student entrepreneurship around food and nutrition security was developed. September 2018 - May 2019 Eat It, Don't Skip It! High school students addressed a societal challenge from food and nutrition security perspective by setting up a social enterprise in collaboration with external stakeholders. The activities were carried out as part of a weekly after-school club and resulted in the creation of a product (with a related business plan): grEATboxes of snacks that are both nutritious, healthy and sustainable. October 2018 - April 2019 Focus on Food Waste & Nutrition Lower secondary students took part, as part of their Civic Social and Political Education classes, in lectures on food waste - a module developed by the City Lab Athens - and nutrition - a module developed by project colleagues at the City Lab Sofia. December 2019 Coping with COVID-19 pandemic Despite the challenges set out by the COVID-19 pandemic, activities continued: revisiting topics that their FIT4FOOD2030 educational modules tackle in an online setting with high school students and participating in the Panhellenic School Competition called “Bravo! Schools, Sustainable Greece 2020”, among others. View more April - June 2020 Future outlook of the City Lab Athens The host organisation's participation in two new EU-funded projects – FoodSHIFT20230 and Schools as Living Labs - will sustain activities and continue the expansion of the network. The transformation of school operations, for example through solutions for using leftovers in school canteens and kitchens, is also an ambitious next step. View more 2020 Schools as sites for Food System Transformation This event, held in parallel with the Open Classroom 2020 conference, officially kicked off the FoodSHIFT2030 Open School Accelerator Lab of Athens (Lab Leader: Ellinogermaniki Agogi; Lab Host: Municipality of Pallini; Lab Assistant: Draxis) and its partners in the context of FoodSHIFT2030. 7 November 2020 Reflecting on the lab journey The FIT4FOOD2030 lab coordinators experimented with a new method to tell stories of the impact of the project. The City Lab Athens reflects on the journey that led to a new project and long-term prospects for continuing the activities. December 2020