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The Centre for Research and Analyses (CRA) is a non-profit NGO performing services in the education and science. We analyse the present and the prospects of the Bulgarian education and science and maintain contacts with national and international universities, research centres and organizations, including government agencies, in the field of education, science and innovation. By creating a network of educational institutions and research teams and through our participation in national and international projects, we facilitate the introduction of the latest trends in science to the youth and to the general public.


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The birth of the Food Club

The FIT4FOOD2030 lab coordinators experimented with a new method to tell the stories of impact of the project. Martina, the City Lab Sofia coordinator, recalls the birth and achievements of a student Food Club in their partnering school in Sofia.

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Defining the lab vision and trajectory City Lab Sofia identified a strong focus on Nutrion and Health - and actions that can make a change from an early age. Participants also wished to use this lab as an opportunity to re-establish connections between actors in the food system, such as businesses, researchers and journalists - and the public. Understanding the local food system - visions, showcases and breakthroughs Three workshops brought stakeholders together to develop a vision of the future of the Bulgarian food system and build up knowledge about showcases and breakthroughs - both local and intrernational. Each step of the way, participants also began to take steps towards the preparation of educational modules: target groups, priorities, knowledge. View more Different locations in Sofia; June 2018 - January 2019 Co-developing ideas for educational modules With inspiration from a secondary school teacher who established a club at school whose aim was to help students built healthier eating habits, different stakeholders discussed topics, tasks and ideas to engage different groups with the topic of Nutrition and Health. View more Arena di Serdica Hotel, Sofia; 5 March 2019 Bringing everything together Three new educational resources produced Three educational modules - ‘I Love Food’ (aimed at primary school students), Exploring Nutrition (aimed at secondary school students) and 'Closing the gap: Connecting with media on topical food system issues' (targeting media and food system stakeholders) were the result of the City Lab's collaboration with different stakeholders. March - May 2019 Testing the module 'I love Food!' The module was piloted with the Secondary School "Prof. Konstantin Irechek" in the context of a Food Club that was facilitated and mentored by 9th and 10th grade high students - who acted as mentors and prepared and facilitated the delivery of the modules. May - June 2019 The birth of the Food Club The FIT4FOOD2030 lab coordinators experimented with a new method to tell stories of the impact of the project - colleagues recalled the birth and achievements of the Food Club. Read the narrative by clicking 'View more'. View more Testing the module 'Exploring Nutrition' The module was piloted during a summer school with a non-standard programme consisting of organised morning sessions (including the module piloting) and afternoon visits to national parks and attractions. July 2019 International recognition Food Club students from the secondary school Prof. Konstantin Irechek in Sofia, with mentor Lambina Petrova, put their research and statistical knowledge to action and won the national prize for their investigation of student eating habits. Recognition also came with a second prize in an international statistics competition, attended by 14,700 students from 35 countries. View more Summer 2019 Connecting with the media A full day training was held at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry with 23 journalists in attendance and several professionals who work in the food system. Keynote speakers included the CEO of FoodDrink Bulgaria and a representative of the National Health Centre for Analysis. At least three articles were published by journalists following their participation. View more 4 October 2019 The Food Club tackles entrepreneurship The implementation of an educational module produced by City Lab Athens With support from the City Lab in reaching local food system stakeholders, the students developed a business plan to establish Green Zones - an eco-friendly corner in the school where students can eat home-prepared food, share information about tood system and recycle. Two such zones have already been built, putting students’ own plans for the school into practice, thanks to a variety of funding including a national prize from Junior Achievement Bulgaria. February - June 2020 An autumn of sharing A series of events to share the project outcomes more widely - especially among citizens - was organised, featuring discussions with the first zero-waste restaurant in Sofia and a stand at the Sofia Science Festival. September - October 2020 Reflecting about impact The Lab will continue sharing the modules and their experience, as well as work with teachers and students. Local initatives and networking will continue to be supported through the stakeholder contacts developed in the project.