On 4 March 2020, the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation Unit on “Bioeconomy and Food Systems” held a workshop in Brussels, Belgium, titled “FOOD 2030 Pathways: Future Research & Innovation Needs in view of the transition to sustainable, healthy, safe and inclusive food systems”.

The workshop gathered 60 experts and European Commission policy makers to identify and prioritise concrete R&I needs, in view of the new Horizon Europe programme. The “Pathways for Action” that are being developed under the Food 2030 initiative were used in the survey and workshop to focus the discussion on those R&I needs that have the potential to deliver real impact. These pathways provide an evidence-based logic to future-proof food systems through R&I action and investment.


The ten Food 2030 “Pathways for Action” include:

  • Governance and systems change
  • Urban food system transformation
  • Food from the oceans and fresh water resources
  • Alternative proteins and dietary shift
  • Halving food waste
  • The microbiome world
  • Healthy, sustainable and personalised and nutrition
  • Food safety systems of the future
  • Food systems Africa
  • Food Systems and Data

The outcome report of the workshop can be found here. Annex 1 to the report contains the agenda of the workshop. Annex 2 contains the questionnaire of the survey that was conducted to collect input for the workshop from a larger group of stakeholders.