Changing the food system requires certain competences for people involved in all of the parts of the food system:

  • growing and harvesting foods in agriculture, aquaculture and fisheries
  • transporting foods
  • processing foods
  • food sales
  • consumption of foods
  • food waste processes

These competences include not just specific skills and knowledge, but also certain attitudes and values that can be developed with effort and support. Further, these competences equip learners with the ability to approach complex challenges.

FIT4FOOD2030 is particularly interested in the competences needed within Research & Innovation approaches for food system transformation and has identified the following key competence clusters that need to be developed in stakeholders for success:

  • Anticipation and future-oriented competency
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking
  • Empowerment for transformation and acting as change agents
  • System thinking
  • Transdisciplinarity
  • Reflexivity and awareness
  • Responsibility
  • Other

The FIT4FOOD2030 City and Policy Labs are the platforms which build competences for food system transformation. Inspiring practices that can enhance and build the competences above for City Labs have now been summarized in a report with the aim to provide engaging and motivating material that can be replicated in cities all over the world. Find the full report with a more detailed explanation of individual competences and inspiring practices here.