Food system transformation requires strong research and innovation (R&I) breakthroughs that have the potential to change it towards a more sustainable and healthy one. As such, breakthroughs targeting the food production chain, as well as the social, political, economic and environmental aspects related to both food production and consumption is essential for promoting change. Policy interventions cannot as such create R&I breakthroughs, however by revising the European and regional R&I funding systems through policy interventions, we can create the ideal environment for breakthroughs to happen.

FIT4FOOD2030 proposes three revisions to R&I funding systems. These recommendations are relevant for R&I policy actors, funding organisations and research institutions.

The research underpinning these recommendations is published as a FIT4FOOD2030 publication entitled “Research and innovation policy for future-proofing the food system” (Deliverable 4.3)