People from the general public, the private sector and civil society organisations have come together on 5 June 2018 in Budapest, Hungary, for a City Lab workshop to discuss their vision of the food system in 2030. Despite some clear differences in perceptions and understanding of concepts like ‘community’ and ‘food quality’, the City Lab participants have identified a number of opportunities and next steps for moving towards their own vision of a sustainable food system in 2030. Key considerations were:

  • Relationships of consumers with trade actors need to be more active;
  • Community-based production and logistics systems need to be developed and promoted;
  • Younger generations need to be engaged by providing them with the opportunity to interact with the food system with a focus on sustainability;
  • Best practices in the food system need to be shared to inspire and educate others.

Find the full list of requirements here.

The group will continue their efforts in a follow-on workshop to discuss best practices in research on innovation on 10 September 2018. To join, contact the organisers directly.