FOOD 2030 Platform
The overall aim of FIT4FOOD2030 is to support the European Commission (EC) with the development and implementation of the FOOD 2030 research & innovation policy framework, to future-proof the European food systems.

The main objective towards that is to create a multi-stakeholder platform – the FOOD 2030 Platform.

The FOOD 2030 Platform, connecting stakeholders in the European food system at multiple levels (cities/regions, countries, and Europe), will make Research & Innovation (R&I) policies on Food and Nutrition Security (FNS) more coherent, build competences of current and future researchers, entrepreneurs, policy-makers, and society at large, and raise awareness of FOOD 2030.

The three inter-linked structures of the FOOD 2030 Platform are:

The EU Think Tank links the European Commission with the FOOD 2030 Platform, serves as a sounding board, and has a global outreach

Policy Labs  align research and innovation policies and programs on Food and Nutrition Security. They build on and expand existing national and regional networks

City Labs develop and pilot action-oriented trainings for students, consumers, researchers and professionals. They link Science Centres/Shops to networks of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact cities

Further objectives of FIT4FOOD2030 are:

To acquire insights into food system trends and related R&I policy frameworks, best practices (showcases) and future R&I breakthroughs

To execute effective and targeted communication and dissemination activities adapted to different stakeholders and to develop a plan for continued communication beyond the project, thereby maximising the impact of FIT4FOOD2030’s outputs and policy recommendations